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Location : KwaDukuza
Bio : Gpaul originates from Underberg, Indawana, Eastern Cape, South Africa in the KwaZulu-Natal Province. He's professionally known as Gpaul, is a South African Audio Engineer, Entrepreneur, Composer and founder of Trans - Blani Logistics & Amazala-Nkosi Farmers and co-founder of Pro Sounds Musiq. His music is classified loosely as " Golden Age Hip Hop " and He raps in his native language, IsiZulu, as well as in English. Gpaul began his career as a member of MSG Crew and later found fame with the influential of the style called Golden Age Hip hop‛. Early life Gpaul was born in Lesotho and he grew up, in Underberg, Indawane Eastern Cape, South Africa. Where he lived with his parents Italian Princess Joyce Simamane and Lebohang Blani and his gran Mother Mahlapi Jesta Maphorhe Blani. Gpaul is an inclusive leader with an extroverted interest in people and has the ability to gain the respect and trust of several types of people. He enjoys responsibility, authority and social initiative. He applies pressure to reach an objective and to gain acceptance of his point of view, but does so in a charismatic way. He is spontaneous in his approach. He may use motivation, interpersonal skills, self-confidence and charisma to influence and persuade others towards his point of view or belief. In general, Gpaul is a good coordinator who is prepared to delegate, demonstrating assurance and confidence in most situations. Gpaul takes naturally to setting goals, planning, organizing and implementing plans. He prefers practical and realistic job requirements. He is independent and wants the freedom to set and attain goals. This makes him feel self-confident and prepared to act without the guidance, supervision and influence of others. Gpaul prefers being in control of the situations he faces and is prepared to take risks to be in charge. He is also impatient to achieve results and effect change. Sibusiso Mark is perseverant in going after goals. Gpaul may use his interpersonal skills effectively when delivering speeches or making presentations to groups. He will respond to questions and objections from the public quickly and confidently. Gpaul has no problem accepting certain risks and has a sense or urgency, which is why he makes decisions quickly based on his available information. He will avoid detailed analysis of information or the preparation of reports
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