I'm an individual who stays true to who I am as a person ...
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Location : South Africa, Port Elizabeth
Bio : I'm an individual who stays true to who I am as a person , what I do and what I believe in .I unashamedly express myself in my music in ways I can’t verbally express to anyone else , and that at times takes a lot of boldness and courage especially being someone that’s very emotionally introverted. I started singing at a young age at school concerts and church. My music is a mixture of different genres such as neo soul &b \hip hop and it can resonate with anyone. Also, Apart from being a musical artist , I’ve always felt different in comparison to the ideal version of the person that people expect or imagine me to be. Im not what people expect. I’m quite the “weird” type if I’m honest . However Im genuine at heart and will never pretend to be something I’m not in order to gain acceptance from the universe. I intend to make my music a reflection of that which is inside my heart and not sugarcoat shit. I’ll remain “real” in every aspect of who I am , whether anyone chooses to accept that or not.
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